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The process of gathering information about a teacher's competence, usually for the purpose of making decisions about retention and promotion. Can also apply to students' academic p
A part of teachers' professional knowledge that includes the ability to represent abstract concepts in ways students understand
Unwanted and/or unwelcome sexual-oriented behavior that interferes with a student's sense of well-being
Multidimensional events in a classroom (1)
Provision of NCLB that requires students to show progress in state tests
At-risk students who have been able to rise above adverse conditions to succeed in school and in other aspects of life
Special recognition by a professional organization indicating that an individual has met rigorous requirements specified by the organization
A systematic or repetitious abuse of power between students
The socioeconomic level composed of managers, administrators, and white-collar workers who perform nonmanual work
The socioeconomic level composed of blue-collar workers who perform manual labor
A reauthorization of the elementary & secondary education act that mandates statewide testing in reading & math for grades 3-8 and holds individual schools accountable for student
What teachers teach & students learn
Children who return to empty houses after school and who are left alone until parents arrive from work
The combination of family income, parents' occupations, and level of parental education
Multidimensional events in a classroom (2)
The socioeconomic level composed of people who typically make less than $25,000 per year, have a high school education or less, and work in low-paying, entry-level jobs
Professional experiences for beginning teachers that provide assistance to ease the transition into teaching
The set of moral standards for acceptable professional behavior
The socioeconomic class composed of highly educated, highly paid professionals who make up about 5% of the population
The Process of gathering information and providing feedback that teachers can use to improve their practice
National Education Association (NEA) and American Federation of Teachers (AFT) are examples of what?
Rewards that com from within oneself & are personally satisfying for emotional or intellectual reasons
Rewards that come from the outside, such as job security & vacations
Multidimensional events in a classroom (3)
A form of applied research designed to answer a specific school- or classroom-related question
The capacity to control one's own personal life
Multidimensional events in a classroom (4)
Experienced teachers who offer guidance and support for beginning teachers
People with low incomes who continually struggle with economic problems
A supplement to a teacher's base salary used to reward exemplary performance
Policies that call for students to receive automatic suspensions or expulsions as punishment for certain offenses, primarily those involving weapons, threats, or drugs.
Examples are: Culture & ethnicity, religion, socioeconomic status, academic ability, gender, learner exceptionalities

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