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First murder case solved using a fingerprint
First classified fingerprints into patterns
Last name of the prisoners who brought about the downfall of Bertillonage
In what country have they found fingerprints pressed into contracts made of clay tablets?
Developed Anthropometry
Earliest written study mentioning fingerprints.
Responsible for fingerprint classification systems in South America
This person identified various minutiae in fingerprints and some people still use his name to identify them
Name of woman convicted in first murder case to use fingerprints
What country has the oldest known documents with fingerprints?
Discovered fingerprints were not altered by age
What letters to we use to abbreviate the United States Fingerprint Database?
Wrote an article in 'Nature' which started modern fingerprint identification
Primarily responsible for fingerprint classification system used in the United States
First to notice fingerprints were never duplicated in two people.
Wrote the book 'Life on the Mississippi' in which a murder was solved with fingerprints
Developed fingerprint classification system currently used in America and Europe

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