The Processes of DNA Replication

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DNA keeps it structure due to its
DNA consists of these building blocks
Nucleotides are held together by these bonds
This type of cell has specialized functions
Human cells have this many DNA molecules
DNA replication begins at this site
One of these is present at each end of the replication bubble
Protein which unwinds DNA double helix
Protein which relieves pressure by breaking, swiveling, and rejoining DNA
Initial nucleotide chain which is prduced during DNA synthesis
Enzymes which catalyze the synthesis of new DNA by adding nucleotides
The two strands of DNA are comparatively directionally
Nucleotides can only be added to this end of the primer
Consequently the leading and lagging strand are built in this direction
The lagging strand is pieced together out of many primers and these fragments
These are located on the ends of DNA molecules (TTAGGG several hundred times)

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