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Forced Order
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Song HintNumber
The Beatles' 'When I'm' [this age] plus this [party year] of Prince's
Nena's [this many] 'Red Balloons' minus Question Mark & The Mysterians' [this many] 'Tears'
Multiply The Byrds' [this] 'Miles High' by itself, then divide by Eddie Money's [this many] 'Tickets To Paradise'
The Beach Boys' [this 'real fine' car] divided by Three Dog Night's [loneliest number]
The Crests' [this many] 'Candles' plus [the speed] Sammy Hagar 'Can't Drive'
Bryan Adam's 'Summer of' [this] minus James Gang's hit 'Funk' [this]
Divide [the number of miles] in a Pretenders song title by [the number of miles] in a Proclaimers song title
Zager & Evans' 'In The Year' [this] multiplied by The Commodores' [this many] 'Times A Lady'
Song HintNumber
Multiply [the numbers] of Bob Dylan's two 'Rainy Day Women' with each other
Take the square root of Boyz II Men's [this many] 'Seasons of Loneliness', then add [this] number of the Rolling Stones' 'Nervous Breakdown'
Take the average of [the two numbers] in Dolly Parton's workday song, square the result, then add this result to the Searchers' 'Love Potion No.' [this]
50 Cent's [this many] 'Questions' minus Alanis Morissette's [this many] 'Things I Want In A Lover'
Add together [all the numbers] in the title of Feist's 'counting song', then multiply the result by T. Rex's [this] 'Century Boy'
Bob Marley's [this many] 'Little Birds' raised to the power of Led Zeppelin's [this many] 'Sticks'
The [first three digits] of Tommy Tutone's 'Jenny' phone number, plus the [last four digits] of the number

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