25 Most Dangerous Movies Ever Made

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Can you name the 25 Most Dangerous Movies Ever Made, according to Premiere.com?

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1Jean-Luc Godard/1967
2Luis Buñuel/1929
3Geoffrey Wright/1992
4Oliver Stone/1994
5Billy Wilder/1945
6Michael Powell/1960
7Tod Browning/1932
8Lars von Trier/2000
9David Lynch/1986
10Martin Scorsese/1976
11Atom Egoyan/1997
12Quentin Tarantino/1992
13Darren Aronofsky/2000
14Roman Polanski/1965
15Stanley Kubrick/1971
16Sergio Leone/1968
17Fritz Lang/1931
18Abel Ferrara/1992
19Todd Solondz/1998
20Albert and David Maysles/1970
21David Lynch/1977
22David Cronenberg/1988
23Neil LaBute/1997
24Kimberly Peirce/1999
25Arthur Penn/1967

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