Packing a Punch

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Punch and ____Puppet team
Punch ____After a fight you might be this
Punch ____Old data storage device
____ PunchSugary red drink
Three ____ PunchGoes with your loose leaf notebook
____ PunchFamous punch made with rum
____ PunchTool for creating the answer to #3
____ PunchUsed by unethical fighters
Punch ____ ____Adam Sandler flick
____ ____ ____ PunchAmerican Heavy Metal Band
____ PunchPunch to the neck or back of the head
____ PunchPunch to the lower back
____ PunchUsed by Ali against Liston?
Punch _____You may use this to serve the answer to #4
____ PunchThis ends a boxing match
Punch _____Used to cut holes in material

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