NATO Code Names for Soviet Aircraft

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Can you name the NATO Reporting Names for Soviet Aircraft 1945 -?

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Soviet AircraftNATO Code NameType
A-20 HavocBomber Lend-Lease)
Il-28Jet Bomber
Il-40Jet Bomber
Il-54Jet Bomber
M-4/M-6/3MJet Bomber
M-50/52Jet Bomber
B-25Bomber (Lend-Lease)
Tu-4/80Bomber (B-29 Copy)
Tu-14/89Jet Bomber
Tu-16Jet Bomber
Tu-95/142Turboprop Bomber
Tu-22Jet Bomber
Tu-22MJet Bomber
Tu-82Jet Bomber
Tu-98Jet Bomber
Tu-160Supersonic Bomber
Yak-28Jet Bomber
An-2/3Piston-Engined Airliner
An-8Piston-Engined Airliner
An-10Turboprop Airliner
An-12Turboprop Airliner
An-14Utility Transport
An-22Turboprop Airlifter
An-24Turboprop Airliner
An-26Turboprop Airliner
An-28Light Transport
An-30Cartography Aircraft
An-32Turboprop Transport
An-72/74Jet Transport
An-124Jet Airlifter
An-225Large Jet Airlifter
Be-30/32Turboprop Airliner
Il-12Piston-Engined Airliner
Il-14Piston-Engined Airliner
Il-18/20/22Piston-Engined Airliner
Il-62Jet Airliner
Soviet AircraftNATO Code NameType
Il-76Jet Airliner
Il-86Jet Airliner
Li-2DC-3 Copy
Tu-70/75Airliner Prototype
Tu-104Jet Airliner
Tu-110Jet Airliner
Tu-114Turboprop Airliner
Tu-124Jet Airliner
Tu-134Jet Airliner
Tu-144Jet Airliner
Tu-154Supersonic Jet Airliner
Yak-6/8Utility Aircraft
Yak-10Liaison Aircraft
Yak-16Light Transport
Yak-40Jet Airliner
Yak-42Jet Airliner
P-39Fighter (Lend-Lease)
La-15Jet Fighter
MiG-9Jet Fighter
MiG-15Jet Fighter
MiG-17Jet Fighter
MiG-19Jet Fighter
MiG-21Jet Fighter
MiG-23Jet Fighter
MiG-25Jet Interceptor
MiG-27Jet Fighter-Bomber
MiG-29/30Jet Fighter
MiG-31Jet Interceptor
MiG Ye-2AMiG-21 Variant
Ye-152APrototype MiG
I-42/I-44Prototype MiG
Su-7/17Ground-Attack Jet
Su-9/11Jet Interceptor
Su-15Jet Interceptor
Su-24Ground-Attack Jet
Su-25/28Ground-Attack Jet
Su-27/30/33Multirole Jet Fighter
Su-32/34Jet Fighter-Bomber
Su-47Jet Fighter Prototype
Tu-128Large Jet Interceptor
Soviet AircraftNATO Code NameType
Yak-9Piston-Engined Fighter
Yak-15/17Jet Fighter
Yak-25/27Jet Fighter
Yak-28PJet Fighter
Yak-36VSTOL Jet Fighter
Yak-38VTOL Jet Fighter
Yak-41/141VTOL Jet Fighter
L-29 DelfinMisc. Aircraft
GSTMisc. Aircraft
An-71Misc. Aircraft
Be-2Misc. Aircraft
Be-4Misc. Aircraft
Be-6Misc. Aircraft
Be-8Misc. Aircraft
Be-10Misc. Aircraft
Be-12Misc. Aircraft
Be-40/42Misc. Aircraft
Il-28UMisc. Aircraft
Il-78Misc. Aircraft
MiG-15UTIMisc. Aircraft
MiG-21UMisc. Aircraft
M-17/55Misc. Aircraft
Po-2 (U-2)Misc. Aircraft
Su-7UMisc. Aircraft
Su-9UMisc. Aircraft
Ts-25Misc. Aircraft
Tu-126Misc. Aircraft
UT-2Misc. Aircraft
Yak-7UMisc. Aircraft
Yak-11Misc. Aircraft
Yak-14Misc. Aircraft
Yak-17Misc. Aircraft
Yak-18Misc. Aircraft
Yak-18MMisc. Aircraft
Yak-25RVMisc. Aircraft
Yak-25RMisc. Aircraft
Yak-28UMisc. Aircraft
Yak-30Misc. Aircraft
Yak-32Misc. Aircraft

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