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Can you name the live-action films based on cartoons and comics?

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Cartoon VoiceMovie TitleMovie Star
Sparky Marcus (1980)Macaulay Culkin (1994)
Casey Kasem (1969)Matthew Lillard (2002)
Wally Cox (1964)Jason Lee (2007)
William Costello (1933)Robin Williams (1980)
Bill Scott (1967)Brendan Fraser (1997)
Janet Waldo (1970)Rachael Leigh Cook (2001)
Corey Burton (1984)Shia LaBeouf (2007)
Peter Fernandez (1967)Emile Hirsch (2008)
Cartoon VoiceMovie TitleMovie Star
Frank Gallop (1945)Christina Ricci (1995)
June Foray (1959)Rene Russo (2000)
Ross Bagdasarian (1961)Jason Lee (2007)
Mel Blanc (1960)Rick Moranis (1994)
Don Adams (1983)Matthew Broderick (1999)
Bill Scott (1959)Brendan Fraser (1999)
Jim Backus (1964)Leslie Nielsen (1997)
Bill Cosby (1972)Kenan Thompson (2004)

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