Remakes of '70s Horror Films

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Can you name the Remakes of '70s Horror Films?

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Actor in OriginalMovieActor in Remake
Olivia Hussey (1974)Michelle Trachtenberg (2006)
Marilyn Burns (1974)Jessica Biel (2003)
Donald Pleasence (1978)Malcolm McDowell (2007)
Susan Lanier (1977)Emilie de Ravin (2006)
Gaylen Ross (1978)Sarah Polley (2004)
James Brolin (1979)Ryan Reynolds (2005)
Bruce Davison (1971)Crispin Glover (2003)
Edward Woodward (1973)Nicolas Cage (2006)
Sandra Cassel (1972)Monica Potter (2009)
Gregory Peck (1976)Liev Schreiber (2006)
Lane Carroll (1973)Radha Mitchell (2010)
Carol Kane (1979)Camilla Belle (2006)

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