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Clue4-Letter Word
What a lion wears around its neck.
A tall woody grass or reed.
What the moon appears to do after it is full.
Instrument used in certain pseudo sciences.
The name for a group of coyotes.
____ Eagle, official bird of the United States of America.
Another name for a three-dimensional sphere.
The name of a duck's beak.
Some scientists believe humans do not possess free ____.
A plant in the same order as a carrot.
A vessel doctors use to administer drugs.
An early nuclear reactor was a nuclear _____.
Someone who has low levels of melatonin in their skin is said to be ____.
Clue4-Letter Word
The ____ possesses the Y chromosome.
A grain used to make certain alcoholic beverages.
A biological term for animals casting off part of its body.
What certain vegetables do in the presence of excess heat.
A male horse.
Outer space is very ____.
Penicillin was discovered from this.
Element with 79 protons.
Someone who has used air vibrations in a commanding way has done this.
This on a road has sparked the creation of ETC's.
Some pyschologists study why people ____.
Blood does this in outer space without proper protection.
A method in algebra to multiply two binomials.

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