Zelda Games by Release Date

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Can you name the Legend of Zelda Games in order of which they were released?

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YearGameGame Word Bank
1987(A) Adventure of Link
1988(B) Four Swords
1991(C) Four Swords Adventures
1993(D) The Legend of Zelda
1998(E) A Link to the Past
2000(F) Link's Awakening
2001(G) Majora's Mask
2002(H) The Minish Cap
2003(I) Ocarina of Time
2004(J) Oracle of Ages/Seasons
2005(K) Phantom Hourglass
2006(L) Spirit Tracks
2007(M) Skyward Sword
2009(N) Twilight Princess
2011(O) The Wind Waker

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