Actors In 2 Trilogies

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Can you name the Actors/Actress that has appeared in the first three movies of two movie series?

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Han Solo/Indiana Jones
Rocky Balboa/John Rambo/Barney Ross
Martin Riggs/Max Rockatansky
Adrian Pennino/Connie Corleone
Admiral Greer/Darth Vader*
Austin Powers/Shrek*
Axel Foley/Donkey*
Eric Lehnsherr/Gandalf/Gandalf
Scott Calvin/Buzz Lightyear*
Charles Xavier/Jean-Luc Picard
Will Turner/Legolas Greenleaf
Linus Caldwell/Jason Bourne
Agent Smith/Elrond
Alex*/Greg Focker/Larry Daley
Neil Miller/Billy Rosewood
Joe Patroni/Ed Hocken
Rosenberg/Paul Finch
Richard Riddick/Dominic Toretto
Betty Brant/Effie Trinket
Frank Martin/Lee Christmas
Kevin Rawley/Jedediah

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