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Can you name the Julia Roberts Movies by Year and Co-Stars?

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Co-StarsMovie TitlleYear
Annabeth Gish/Lili Taylor1988
Sally Field/Dolly Parton1989
Richard Gere/Jason Alexander1990
Kiefer Sutherland/Kevin Bacon1990
Campbell Scott/Vincent D'Onofrio1991
Patrick Bergin/Kyle Secor1991
Denzel Washington/Sam Shepard1993
Nick Nolte/Saul Rubinek1994
Dennis Quaid/Robert Duvall1995
John Malkovich/Michael Gambon1996
Co-StarsMovie TitlleYear
Mel Gibson/Patrick Stewart1997
Susan Sarandon/Ed Harris1998
Hugh Grant/Richard McCabe1999
Albert Finney/Marg Helgenberger2000
George Clooney/Brad Pitt2001
Kirsten Dunst/Julia Stiles2003
Tom Hanks/Amy Adams2007
Clive Owen/Tom Wilkinson2009
Billy Crudup/Javier Bardem2010
Jennifer Garner/Jessica Alba2010

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