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Can you name the Correct Form of the Passive System of Laudo ?

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Principle Parts
present 1st sing
present 2nd sing
present 3rd sing
present 1st plu
present 2nd plu
present 3rd plu
imperfect 1st sing
imperfect 2nd sing
imperfect 3rd sing
imperfect 1st plu
imperfect 2nd plu
imperfect 3rd plu
future 1st sing
future 2nd sing
future 3rd sing
future 1st plu
future 2nd plu
future 3rd plu
Principle Parts
perfect 1st sing
perfect 2nd sing
perfect 3rd sing
perfect 1st plu
perfect 2nd plu
perfect 3rd plu
pluperfect 1st sing
pluperfect 2nd sing
pluperfect 3rd sing
pluperfect 1st plu
pluperfect 2nd plu
pluperfect 3rd plu
future perfect 1st sing
future perfect 2nd sing
future perfect 3rd sing
future perfect 1st plu
future perfect 2nd plu
future perfect 3rd plu

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