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Character Name - YearMovie TitleCo-Star
Tom Fiorini - 2010Tony Danza
Mike Engel - 2008Christian Bale
Larry - 2007Dave Foley
Josh - 2005Marlo Marron
Lil J - 2002Ice Cube
Mr. Davidson - 2001Tom Green
Bob - 2001Samuel L. Jackson
Brian Cutler - 2000Alexandra Paul
Greg - 2000Reg Rogers
Mr. Burggins - 1999Brad Renfro
Jeffry Alan Spacy - 1999Danny Masterson
Eddie Rodgers - 1997Michael Ironside
Bus Driver - 1997Jennifer Love Hewitt
Nick - 1996Mickey Rourke
Character Name - YearMovie TitleCo-Star
Travis Purcell - 1996Craig Sheffer
Jimmy's friend Kevin Friedland - 1994James Lorinz
Julius Caesar McMurty - 1994Bobbie Phillips
Trent Conway - 1993Will Smith
Tom Slade - 1992Michael Pare
Jim - 1990Johnny Depp
Casey Gallagher - 1990Jerry Orbach
Johnny Walker - 1988Robert Downey Jr.
Daryl Cage - 1986Jenny Wright
Gary Wallace - 1985Kelly LeBrock
Brian Johnson - 1985Molly Ringwald
The Geek - 1984Molly Ringwald
Rusty Griswold - 1983Chevy Chase
Doc - 1982Kenny Rogers

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