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Can you name the last word of every letter in the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary?

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BEastern Roman Empire
CRussian ruler
Dmedical condition where muscles become weaker
Ea magazine published on the internet
Fcommon abbreviation of a phrase
Ga device
Ha scientific unit
Ia Maori community or people
Jthings put together to show a contrast between them
Ka boomerang
La person who writes words for songs
Ma person who is respected because of their age
Nabbreviation of a country name
Oslang for a person from a particular Oceanic country
Qcommon password
Ra type of grass
Spart of a heart
TRussian ruler
Utype of machine gun
Wcommon abbriviation of a phrase
Yabbreviation of an organisation
Za first stage fetus

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