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When the marijuana being smoked is still lit after someone takes a hit
A device for preparing marijuana buds for smoking, usually comes with a screen
One of many plants grown from one single mother
A bud of marijuana
Crystally powder residue of marijuana
A type of pipe that cools marijuana smoke before it travels through a cylinder
A marijuana cigarette rolled in a cigar leaf
3.5 grams of marijuana
The active chemical in marijuana
The act of putting marijuana into a pipe
A food item with marijuana butter baked into it
A dark, concentrated form of marijuana
Oily leftovers in pipe after heavy use
Loose marijuana, usually found at the bottom of a bag
Leaves and stems that are left over on a plant after the buds have been harvested
A location where medical marijuana can be purchased legally
A type of homemade water pipe that often uses a bucket or a large plastic bottle
The part of a pipe where the marijuana is placed
Any smoking device that can be used multiple times
Cannabis ______; provides a more energetic high than its counterpart

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