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Book 1Hunger GamesBook 1
What is Prim's cat called?
What happened to Katniss's father?
How does Katniss get the badge?
Who gives Katniss cookies?
Who shouts 'That is MAHOGANY!'?
What colour is Caesar's hair?
What score does Peeta get?
Who would bet on Katniss if they could?
What is Katniss's favourite food in the capitol?
What colour of jacket do they wear in the arena?
Book 1Hunger GamesBook 1
How many people die in the bloodbath?
What district is the boy Clove killed at the start of the games?
What group of tributes does Peeta join?
Which tribute had long blond hair and blue eyes?
How many notes are in Rue's tune?
Who kills Rue?
What is Peeta disguised as?
What kills Foxface?
What chases Cato, Katniss and Peeta?
Who stops Peeta and Katniss from eating the berries?

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