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Can you name the following trivia about Super Junior's Kyuhyun?

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His favorite Super Junior songs would be?
What is his bloodtype?
His English name is?
He acted in what drama?
He made his debut performance as a Super Junior member in what show?
He belongs to how many sub-groups? (Enter in numbers)
He graduated from which school?
He played which character from the musical in 11?
What is his birthdate (Month Date, Year)?
His favorite Chinese word means?
He got upset for wearing a wig in which show?
He won 3rd place in what famous singing competition?
He was bedless for how many months? (Enter in numbers)
He performed what English song with SNSD's Seohyun?
Who is his only sibling?
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Aside from piano, what instrument can he play? (Only one of two answers)
He was involved in an accident in what date? (Month, Year)
His favorite Korean Period drama is?
If he's not a singer, he'd probably be a? (Only one of two answers)
What is his most famous favorite game?
He is one of the first Koreans to be placed in what Chinese emblem (or document mark)?
He first appeared in what music video?
He made his variety show comeback after the accident in what show?
He likes bullying which hyung?
When (what show) did he first dance the 'pelvic dance'?
His favorite soundtrack is from what drama?
His ideal Idol girl is? (Only one of two possible answers)
He won an award for which musical?
His close Kpop Idol friend is? (Only one of three answers on his Kyu-line)
What is his first solo song?

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