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Can you name the following trivia about Super Junior's Han Geng?

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What is his weibo account name?
What world event was mentioned above?
What sickness has he developed? (Only one of two possible answers)
Which Super Junior member did he replace by playing the basketball superstar in Attack on the Pin-up Boys?
What is his surname?
His individual activities were purposely turned down by SM Ent. including appearing in what Chinese actress's mv? (English title)
How many years is his contract with SM Entertainment? (Enter in numbers)
How many acting awards has he won? (Enter in numbers)
What is his favorite animal?
How many siblings does he have? (Enter in numbers)
In 2007, fans wrote what song for him? (English title)
During trainee years, he lived in a dorm with which two fellow Super Junior members?
What is the name of his character in Stage of Youth?
What MV did he first appeared in as a cameo? (English Title)
What is his favorite fruit?
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His fans use which two colors?
He is now under what label?
From what Chinese Ethnic group is he?
He was known to have donated almost all of his income to what unfortunate event in China?
His movie with Barbie Hsu & Wu Chun is titled?
What is his solution for not being able to appear on broadcasts?
His first Chinese album is titled?
In 2008, he was chosen to bear what in a world event?
He finished what degree?
For KM's Super Junior Show, his diary was shown in what episode number? (Enter in number)
What kind of restaurant does his parents run in Beijing?
He auditioned for SM Entertainment in what year? (Enter in numbers)
When is his birth date? (Month Date, Year)
His fanbase is called?
How many years did he train before debut? (Enter in numbers)

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