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SeasonGuest StarOther Works
Recurring'Singin' in the Rain'
Recurring'The Cotton Club'
Recurring'Saturday Night Live'
Recurring'Private Benjamin'
Recurring'Meet the Parents'
Recurring'The Phantom of the Opera'
Recurring'Monty Python and the Holy Grail'
Recurring'Employee of the Month'
Recurring'The Station Agent'
Recurring'30 Rock'
1figure skater (as himself)
1'Mad Men'
2weatherman (as himself)
2'How I Met Your Mother'
3'American Pie'
3'Grey's Anatomy'
3singer (as herself)
3'The Practice'
3tennis player (as herself)
3comedian (as herself)
3comedian/talk show host
3stage actress 'Grey Gardens'
4'How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days'
4'Night at the Museum'
4'The Fabulous Baker Boys'
4comedian/talk show host
SeasonGuest StarOther Works
4'Good Will Hunting'
4'The Bob Newhart Show'
4'Ghosts of Girlfriends Past'
4'30 Rock'
5'Young Frankenstein'
5actor (as himself)
5'Top Gun'
5news anchor (as herself)
5singer (as himself)
5'Ocean's Thirteen'
5'What About Brian'
5'Judging Amy'
5'G.I. Jane'
5'Home Alone'
5'Desperate Housewives'
6'Mighty Aphrodite'
6'Field of Dreams' (as himself)
6'The Practice'
6'Year One'
6'Boston Legal' (as herself)
6singer (as himself)
6'Stuart Little'
6'State of the Union'
6'The Sopranos'
6psychic medium (as himself)
6'America's Got Talent'
6'Cheers' (as herself)
6'The Rocky Horror Picture Show'
6singer/actress (as herself)
SeasonGuest StarOther Works
7'Arrested Development'
7singer/actress (as herself)
7'Sex and the City'
7famous confetti thrower (as himself)
7'The Sopranos'
7'Law & Order: Criminal Intent'
7'A Prairie Home Companion'
7stage actress (as herself)
7'27 Dresses'
7stage actress 'Chicago'
7'Beverly Hills, 90210'
7'Six Million Dollar Man'
7'Little Miss Sunshine'
7'Little Women'
7'Austin Powers in Goldmember'
8late night sidekick
8'The Thornbirds'
8'American Pie'
8'Private Practice'
8news anchor (as himself)
8singer with #89 (as himself)
8singer with #88 (as himself)
8comedian/talk show host
8'Heroes' (as himself)
8stage actress 'Into the Woods'
8'Sweet Home Alabama'

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