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Digimon Followed by Digi-Egg or mode of Digimon
Hawkmon (Courage)
Wormmon (Reliability)
Wormmon (Love)
Patamon (Courage)
Nanami (Bio Hybrid Digivolution)
Ivan (Bio Hybrid Digivolution)
Kouki (Bio Hybrid Digivolution)
Armadillomon (Courage)
Wormmon (Courage)
Wormmon (Hope)
Gatomon (Knowledge)
Armadillomon (Kindness)
Veemon (Reliability)
Armadillomon (Knowledge)
Armadillomon (Miracles)
Tentomon/Wormmon (Courage)
Veemon (Courage)
Hawkmon (Knowledge)
Armadillomon (Sincerity)
Veemon (Light)
Veemon (Destiny: Golden Armor Form)
Hawkmon (Love)
Hawkmon (Light)
Veemon (Knowledge)
Digimon Followed by Digi-Egg or mode of Digimon
Gatomon (Sincerity)
Veemon (Kindness)
Gabumon/Solarmon (Friendship)
Wormmon (Miracles)
Gatomon (Courage)
Veemon (Miracles)
Veemon (Miracles: X Antibody)
Gatomon (Miracles)
Patamon (Light)
Patamon (Reliability)
Patamon (Reliability: X Antibody)
Hawkmon (Hope)
Patamon (Knowledge)
Gatomon (Light)
Wormmon (Sincerity)
Gatomon (Kindness)
Hawkmon (Reliability)
Gatomon (Hope)
Hawkmon (Miracles)
Patamon (Hope)
Patamon (Love)
Patamon (Sincerity)
Patamon (Kindness)
Armadillomon (Love)
Digimon Followed by Digi-Egg or mode of Digimon
Wormmon (Light)
Gatomon (Friendship)
Veemon (Frienship)
Terriermon (Destiny)
Patamon (Miracles)
Hawkmon (Friendship)
Veemon (Hope)
Chuumon/Tentomon (Courage)
Armadillomon (Light)
Wormmon (Knowledge)
Armadillomon (Friendship)
Veemon (Love)
Wormmon (Courage)
Armadillomon (Hope)
Hawkmon (Sincerity)
Patamon (Friendship)
Armadillomon (Reliability)
Gatomon (Love)
Gotsumon/Impmon (Friendship)
Wormmon (Friendship)
Hawkmon (Kindness)
Gatomon (Reliability)
Veemon (Sincerity)

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