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Brunette-to-Blonde Australian
Married to Tom Brady
Large-chested CK star
Cheekbones like knives
Canadian trinity member
Is she REALLY plus-sized?
British black model with a baby
Famous lashes
Australian doll
Has a bag named after her
Known for her runway death stare
Ethiopian beauty
Deceased Korean
Giant with a beauty mark
Danish lesbian
Brazilian blue-eyed brunette
Gap-toothed and fish lips
Vogue Italia March '12 covergirl from Puerto Rico
Estonian model for Michael Kors
Camilla Akrans favorite and H&M regular
Ernest's relative
Brazilian freckle-faced blondie
Laura Hollins
Androgynous dancer
Estee Lauder girl from France
South African VS angel
Hermes model from India
Sexy ginger
Also known as Zoe
MDC's number one from 2008-2010
Host of ANTM
Looks like Gollum
Famous for her dark bangs
German early 1990's supermodel
Had a small role in Contagion

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