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Who was the lead singer of the sugarcubes?
What was the brand name to the 4x4 sequel to the 3x3 rubik's cube?
What pastime is the subject of the Christian Slater movie Gleaming the Cube?
What's the smallest number , other than 0 and 1, that's both a perfect square and a perfect cube(in letters)?
What was the electronic gaming system that replaced the gamecube?
The rubik's cube was invented by a hungarian sculptor. What was his name?
The sequel to the hit canadian movie, The Cube is called what?
The Cube movie trilogy was concluded by what movie?
To cube a number how many times must you multiply it by itself(in letters)?
To get a container's volume, how must you multiply it(in letters)?
All ancient numerals from what part of the world are formed by a cube with writings in it?
What common cube-shaped item is used in most board games?
What famous singer and actor has the word cube in his name(his name is o'shea jackson)?
Which hotel in Rotterdam, Netherlands has giant cubes emerging from the top?

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