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Updated May 7, 2014

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Hint4-Letter Word
Sporcle badge: ____ Shearer
A dessert made of custard
Having a smooth, or level surface
Sets of 12 inches
Give a meal to
Ward off
Sporcle badge: ____ Bender
Animal of the weasel family
TV dark comedy with Tony Shalhoub
Make fun of
Something opened by a key
Sporcle badge: ____ of the Irish
Donald or Daffy, e.g.
A basketball shot
A hill of sand
To eat
U.S. 10 cent coin
Sporcle badge: ____ Bandit
Make-believe story
Hint4-Letter Word
More than average height
To relay information to someone
A greenish-blue color
Sporcle badge: Dream ____
Smile widely
Opposite of worst
Sporcle badge: Bishkek or ____
The 43rd president of the U.S.
To hit forcefully
A way to prepare potatoes
Sporcle badge: ____ Master
Relative of a butterfly
Suffragette Lucretia
Water surrounding a castle
Capricorn's animal
A type of arthritis due to uric acid
To fill to excess
White adhesive
A hint, or a classic board game
Sporcle badge: Century ____
To weep, in the UK
Hint4-Letter Word
An amorphous monster
To dry by pressing with cloth
Sturdy footwear
2008 animated canine film
Something worn around the waist
Affleck and Folds, e.g.
____ and pieces
If the shoe ____...
French for son
Sporcle badge: ____ Critic
A business organization
Ready, aim, ____!
Disastrous, horrific
Soil or earth
A person's regular intake of food
Ceases to live
Watches closely
Days before holidays
Sporcle badge: Worst. Badge. ____.

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