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Got to be a joker... (Come together: 6 words)
Don't acknowledge my smile...(Butterflies: 8 words)
Speculate to break the one you hate... (Tabloid Junkie: 5 words)
You tell me I'm wrong... (Scream: 6 words)
I bet he missioned with the CIA... (D.S: 7 words)
My life will never be the same... (You rock my world: 6 words)
Bass note, treble... (2000 Watts: 2 words)
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So get on the floor... ( Get on the floor:4 words)
Live and sin... (This place hotel: 6 words)
How many victims must there be... (HIStory:6 words)
He got flat, baby... (Morphine: 5 words)
Your worst nightmare... (Threatened: 4 words)
Ain't the pictures enough... (Privacy: 7 words)
If the angels came for me... (Heaven can wait: 4 words)

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