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DatePerson, Place, or ThingClue
4/14/1865This person dies.
6/5/1968This person dies.
12/8/1980This person dies.
4/4/1968This person dies.
11/22/1963This person dies.
4/4/1861This place starts it all.
6/6/1944This place signals the beginning of the end.
1/31/1968This thing signals the beginning of the end.
7/1/1863This place turns the tide.
1/16/1991This thing begins.
2/9/1964These persons invade America.
8/1/1981This thing transforms music forever.
6/25/2009This person dies.
DatePerson, Place, or ThingClue
9/9/1956This person changes music forever.
8/15/1969This thing represents an era.
1/28/1986This thing went from awe to tragedy in seconds.
9/5/1972This place was on TV for sports, not tragedy.
7/20/1969This thing was witnessed on TV by millions with pride.
2/28/1983This thing marked the end of a comedy era.
11/9/1989This thing was witnessed worldwide as Europe changed forever.
8/15/1947This place gains independence.
4/30/1975This place unifies.
4/27/1994This place breaks barriers.
10/3/1990This place re-unifies.
7/4/1776This place declares independence.

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