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FactFounding Father [Last Name]
Did not know foreign languages and avoided going to France in 1787 to avoid embarrassment
Often silent during 'conversations' with others and avoided abstract conversations
He was the last pick to command the Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War
Bragged of his acquaintance with King George's chief minister, Lord Bute, and displayed Bute's picture in his home
Avoided writing his recollections of the Revolution because of his lack of formal education
Was considered a true model of the 'American dream' [rags to riches story]
Stated that America was 'more avaricious [greedy] than any other nation that ever existed.'
Believed strongly in the inferiority of African Americans and Native Americans and wrote about it
Anal to appear as a 'gentleman,' did not attend college, and re-wrote letters written during the Revolution to correct errors
Felt that government was a 'device by which the few attempted to rob, cheat, and oppress the many'
FactFounding Father [Last Name]
'Flip-flopped' on whether the states or the central government should hold more power over the other
Considered riots related to protest of the Stamp Act as 'madness' of the populace
Fiercely loyal to Britain, held job as a tax collector, believed that Britain needed to expand its empire
Placed on US currency in the 1920s by a Republican led government interested in diminishing the status of this Founding Father
Considered the least intellectual of the Founding Fathers by other Founding Fathers
Held the most authority after Washington as a member of the presidential cabinet and was not accountable to Washington
Worried about the rights of minority [political] groups being trampled upon by the majority and feared that majority rule and 'democracy' was the 'problem'
Wanted the US to maintain a large standing army and become a military state
Placed on US currency in the 1920s by a Republican led government interested in elevating the status of this Founding Father
Was a compulsive shopper, believed in the natural ties of commerce [trade] among countries, opposed paper money that was not 'backed' by gold/silver

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