Mammals native to Britain

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Can you name the Animals native to England?

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Small spiny mammal
Has antlers
Gathers Nuts
Related to stoats and minks
Related to stoats and minks
6 - 9cm Long
Teeth that dont stop growing
Small rodents, in the same family as hamsters
Rodent but not a rat
A big rabbit
You (Hopefully)
Digs holes, causes ____ Hills
Have sharp, spike-like teeth, not rodents
Flys around at night, but isn't blind
A species of the pig genus
Live in flocks of up to 500 individuals
Produces wool
Major producer of milk
Pulls Santa's sleigh
Pulls a cart
Was hunted as a sport
Semi-aquatic marine mammal
Has large tusks and whiskers
It is about the size of a domestic cat
Small predatory mammal which has brown fur
Also known as the common, dwarf, pygmy, or mouse ______
Black, white and grey, lives in burrows
A small cat that lives in the wild

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