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Giant crabs
Mother of the medical student
Little, steals people
The doctors time lord enemy
Fish like creatures that are at war with humans in the future
The Doctors ship
Medical Student
Living fat
From the planet Klom
They erupted mount vesuvius
The 11th Doctors companion
Brother of medical student
Bat like aliens that take over a school
Statues, but only when you look at them
Old companion, owns a robot dog
They have to use a communication ball to talk
Brother of Mine, Mother of Miine, Father of Mine, Sister of mine
Sister of medical student
Played by Kylie Minogue
Upgraded humans
The creator of the time lords main enemies
The 11th Doctors companions boyfriend
Attacked Queen Victoria
Main Character
A big head, millions of years old
The main enemies of the Time Lords in the time war
Ran Satalite 5 when it was a news station
The last human
Helped the 10th doctor in the Easter Special
The 9th doctors companions boyfriend
Led by Sec
MP for Flydale North, later becomes PM
Robot Dog
Met in a parrallel Universe, killed by cybermen
Giant wasp
Had a sword fight with the Doctor on Christmas day
The 9th doctors companions mother
Father of medical student
Spider like empress, attacked on Christmas day
The Devil, Satan
The 10th doctors last companions Grandfather
They invaded 10 downing street
It is beleived he can't die
They created ATMOS
The 10th doctors last companions Mother
Living Shadows
Met in a parrallel Universe, still alive
The runaway bride
The 9th and 10th doctors companion
Intergalactic Police
The 9th Doctors companions father

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