Disney Channel Original Movies Before The Cheetah Girls

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Can you name the Disney Channel Original Movies Before The Cheetah Girls?

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1996Death Is Just The Beginning
1996I Wish I May, I Wish I Might, Become My Sister For A Night!
1997The Line Is Drawn. The Sides Are Picked. The Soldiers Are In Place. The War Has Begun!
1997Fate Brought Her To A Small Town. But It Will Take A Miracle To Keep Her There.
1997Prepare To Be Spooked, Creeped And Humored
1998She's Five Minutes Late, Alert The National Guard
1998Sometimes, You Just Get Lucky...
1998It Takes A Champ To Stay In Line
1998Magic May Run In The Family...
1999United We Stand
1999She's One Galactic Girl Who Saves The Day In A Stellar Way
1999Who's Got Time To Be A Teenager When You Have To Save The World?
1999Cody's Not Just Growing Up... He's Growing Fins!
1999When The Computer At Home Has Opinions Of Her Own
1999The Temperature Is Down, But The Surf Is Up
1999To Fit In, Genius Charlie Boyle Added Another Side To Himself
1999This Halloween, Whatever You Do...
1999If The Horseshoe Fits...
2000Scott's Got Some BIG Shoes To Fill...
2000Look Beyond Black And White And You'll Find...
2000Looks Like Love Is Out Of Sync
2000She Was The Perfect Doll, Now She's The Real Thing
2000The Only Way To Settle The Score Is To Take It To The Alley!
2000The Tide's Beginning To Turn...
2000Justin Tried For A Trophy. What He Won Was Extraordinary
2000She's Out Of This World And So Is Her Dad!
2000She's Not Horsing Around...
2000As If Life At 14 Isn't Twisted Enough
2000Two Heads Are Better Than One
2000They Aren't The Only Ones Dying To Get Their Mom Out On A Date
2000The Movie Of The Night
2000Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!
2001She's Back And She's Out Of This World!
2001When Andi Stepped In, An Extreme Sport Became An Extreme Adventure
2001Kid Today. Leprechaun Tomorrow.
2001Taking Care Of This Dog Is No Walk In The Park
2001The First Jett-Powered Movie
2001They Taught Her To Speak... She Taught Them To Listen
2001Their Vacation Plans Just Got Soaked!
2001Can Eddie And Marie Stop The Clock Before Their Parents Go Poof?
2001Welcome Back... Forever!
2001This Christmas, Santa's On The Naughty List
2002They're Different From Everyone Else... And They Have The Jump Shots To Prove It
2002Too Cool For Rules
2002Trudy Walker hated her life. She thought it was totally messed up until she found a contest that could change everything..
2002Lexy Gold's Got The Scoop!
2002Si Se Puede, Yes We Can!
2002From The Author Of The Bestseller, 'A Wrinkle In Time'
2002They're Having The Time Of Their Afterlives
2003Be Careful What...
2003For The Enders Sisters, Winning Is A Drag!
2003The Stevens Family Won The Trip Of A Lifetime
2003Winning Never Tasted So Good.

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