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ExplanationDouble word
Victorian Mountain and Ski Resort, Australia
Large yellow melon like fruit of the shrub or small tree
A native Hawaiian dance
A cartoon hero with a pet dog
A small town in NSW, Australia
A town in NSW, Australia
Fancy jewlery that sparkles
A person who is self-righteously good
Having perfect vision
A dance of Latin America
ExplanationDouble word
An error of judgment, mistake, accident
A town in Queensland Australia near Bundaberg
Saying Farewell
A river in Victoria, Australia
A lively high kicking dance
A toy consisting of two round flat sides of wood, plastic etc connected by a dowel in the centre to which string is attached looping and one end around your finger so you can spin
Paper roll twisted at each end containing a gift, joke whcih makes a small explosion when pulled
Start of a well known joke
Empty talk, eloquent rubbish
A French Polynesian Island

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