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Can you name the number from obscure properties?

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The only number to be the answer to more than one question on this quiz
The only number that is both the sum of three consecutive positive integers and the product of three consecutive positive integers
The number of sides in the only regular polygon whose perimeter is triple the length of its longest chord
The smallest number that appears exactly three times in pascal's triangle.
The smallest positive number equal to the sum of all positive numbers that divide it other than itself
The last digit of 2^(2^(2^(2^2011)))*(26^(27^28))
The only positive number n such that n = m+m^2 and m, m^2, n form an arithmetic sequence
The number of regular convex polytopes in 4 dimensions
The largest real root of unity plus the first odd number not equal to the sum of the divisors of any number
The square root of n, where the sum of the numbers from 1 to n is 666

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