Characters from manga 'Full Moon'

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12-year-old girl who aspires of being a singer
Shinigami cat; former singer
Shinigami bunny; aka moe
Singing alter ego of main character
Singer's manager at SEED Records
**author of Full Moon**
Is she a housekeeper? Or a detective?
Mysterious love interest; moved to America
Doctor and former member of route..L
Shinigami ghost; also the boss
Shinigami dog; loves meroko
President of SEED Records
Rival singer
main character's mom
lead singer of Route..L
Main character's grandfather; moe loves; 'gii goo guu' violinist
'death master', first shinigami
madoka loves, vocalist of OZ.
Madoka's manager
Takuto and Meroko shinigami pair
Izumi and Jonathan shinigami pair
Meroko and Izumi shinigami pair
Jonathan's alter ego

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