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Can you name the Beatles songs from their opening lines, with the title omitted?

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Opening LineSong Title
[title] that leads to your door
here comes the [title]
[title] in love with you
[title], make your mother sigh
when the [title] comes
[title], please believe me
[title] riding nowhere
[title], won't you come out to play
well you should see [title]
[title], a feeling deep inside
[title], it's the next best thing to be
say [title] and you'll be free
[title], where did you go?
[title], don't make it bad
[title] you cried
[title] in your heart
Opening LineSong Title
[title], children at your feet
[title] in the way she moves
[title], I haven't slept a wink
it feels so right now [title]
[title] sleeps in the park
[title], what have you done?
[title] meter maid, [title] meter maid
look [title], I'm feeling blue and lonely
[title], ma belle
I'm [title] where the rain gets in
[title] singing in the dead of night
[title], I need somebody
it's [title] all the time
it's been [title]
[title] with a girl like you
he's a real [title]

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