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Can you name the Greek letters from their mathematical uses?

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commonly used to denote a plane angle in Euclidean geometry
a summation, has a subscript and sometimes a superscript
the function whose zeroes are the subject of the Reimann hypothesis
the least ordinal which the reals cannot map onto surjectively
Lagrange multipliers in calculus, or eigenvalues in linear algebra
coefficient of the imaginary component of a complex number
the limit of the ratios of successive terms in the Fibonacci sequence
representation of a group, or radius in spherical polar coordinates
the Möbius function, which always takes on a value of -1, 0, or 1
in number theory, the sum of the divisors of a positive integer
the polygamma function, or the reciprocal Fibonacci constant
extension of the factorial function to complex numbers
the independent variable for the Fourier transform of a function
character in representation theory, or chromatic number in graph theory
commonly used to denote complex numbers, especially roots of unity
twice the arcsine of 1, or the number of primes less than a given number
an arbitrarily small positive quantity, used by Erdős to refer to children
coefficient of the real component of a complex number
number of positive integers less than and coprime to a given integer
the connectivity of a graph, or the local connectivity of two vertices
in graph theory, the smallest degree of any vertex in a graph
change in a quantity, usually as it relates to change in another quantity

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