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Can you name the puns on names of Beatles songs from the synonymous phrases given?

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Synonymous PhraseSong PunAlbum
Inform Me As To What You UrinateHelp!
Convoy That DishAbbey Road
Race After Your BladeRubber Soul
A Further GemHelp!
It Is Your Mom's Duty To Get BiggerMagical Mystery Tour
Looseness In RussiaWhite Album
I Desire To Shape Your ExtremityNone (single)
I Require AdhesiveHelp!
The Lake Atop The MountainMagical Mystery Tour
Must Place You Inside My PartnerRevolver
Coin PrecipitationMagical Mystery Tour
Refrain From Allowing Me To AsphyxiateNone (single)
Additionally, I'm Fond Of HairA Hard Day's Night
I Will Trail The AmusementBeatles For Sale
Lager In That Place And All OthersRevolver
Pistol MonarchAbbey Road
Infant, You Are A Male ConjurorMagical Mystery Tour
Unintelligent SimultaneouslyAbbey Road
In The Case That I SnitchA Hard Day's Night
Inside You Lacking SoupSgt. Pepper's
Synonymous PhraseSong PunAlbum
Coil And SulkPlease Please Me
No Further Citrus FruitWith The Beatles
Greetings, FellowNone (single)
A Flavor Of RabbitPlease Please Me
The Interminable And Roundabout AmphibianLet It Be
Oblivion Air-BlowerRubber Soul
Alongside Some Of My Companions' SeaweedSgt. Pepper's
Demon Inside Her PastryWith The Beatles
Each Small LobBeatles For Sale
Diurnal Fabric JoinerNone (single)
Aged Mahogany FecesNone (single)
I'm Just PagingRevolver
Unable To Purchase Myself MittensA Hard Day's Night
Your Very Own ArenaRubber Soul
The Intrinsic Tethered AircraftNone (single)
Egotistical MammalWhite Album
Repairing An UrnSgt. Pepper's
I Am Definitely Laid OffWhite Album
I Have The Urge To Sniff YouRevolver
I Recently Witnessed A MarathonHelp!

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