Before and After, Alphabet Edition

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Can you name the before and after answers where the middle term is a letter?

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scurvy-preventing nutrientprogramming language
puppet musicalcotton swab generonym
Kellogg cerealdiscount department store
universal blood donorFox News pundit Bill
anime television seriessunglasses-toting rock trio
Barack Obama birth stateportable media player
personalized Apple StoreGerman military submarines
civil rights activistMicrosoft gaming console
top-notch; cream of the cropbaseballer's nickname
2008 Pixar filmdigital communication
historic Ford automobilecell phone provider
American youth organizationnuclear weapon
Sacha Baron Cohen alter egoacceleration relative to free-fall
button-shaped chocolates'Sixth Sense' writer
Honda's small crossover SUVAlan Moore comic series
second-choice optionlow-budget film
Jack Black rock bandNormandy landing nickname
James Smith rapper nameup-scale department store

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