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Son of Poseidon
Daughter of Athena
Daughter of Zeus
Satyr; best friend of Son of Poseidon
Son of Hermes; becomes Kronos follower
Daughter of Aphrodite
Son of Hephaestus
Sons (Brothers) of Hermes
Daughter of Ares
Son of Unknown God
Daughter of Demeter (Half-Blood)
Son of Apollo
Son of Apollo
Son of Apollo
Son of Hades
Twins of Dionysus
Daughter of Hades
Camp Half-Blood Director
God Grounded at Camp Half-Blood; God of Wine
God of Medicine, Archery, Poems
Goddess of the Hunt
Goddess of the Hearth
Goddess of Marriage
God of the Underworld
God of the Air
God of the Sea
God of Merchants, Travelers, Theives
Goddess of Love
God of War
Goddess of Wisdom, War Strategy
Goddess of the Harvest
God of the Forge

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