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Percy's Best FriendA
Nickname for the Main Three GodsB
Character that ferries dead souls into UnderworldC
Creator of the LabyrinthD
Location of Mt. Olympus in NYCE
Three sisters that cut rope in front of Percy in 1st bookF
Satyr who finds Lord of the WildG
Other name for DemigodsH
Son of Great Inventor; Percy sees him die in a dream from waxed feathersI
2-Headed God that appears in 4th book and offers Annabeth a choiceJ
Name of empousa that escapes Percy's attack the first timeK
Satyr that dies; turns into laurelL
First monster Percy fightsM
Name Percy (and best friend) use to distract Polyphemus after Oddyseus used itN
Character that Poseidon has to fightO
Titan of Forethought; Tries to convince Percy to give up Elpis (Hope)P
Half-blood that comes to camp along with Mrs. O'Leary (note: not his actual name)Q
Name of Percy's sword/ballpoint penR
Percy's Mom's nameS
Cyclops that appears in 2nd book; Percy's half-brotherT
Roman name for Goddess of Love; PlanetV
Reason why Mt. Olympus moved to NYCW
Daughter of Atlas; Hunter for ArtemisZ

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