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opening 5 lyricssongcharacter who sings song
father we've something to tellbrothers
stop you robbers your littlenarator/joseph/brothers
i close my eyes, drewjoseph
so jacob came to egyptnarrator(chorus)
do you remember the goodbrothers
josephs mother she was quitejacob/brothers/joseph/narrator
joseph knew by this hisjoseph
josephs luck was really outnarrator/prisoners
next day far from homenarrator/brothers
there i was standing withbaker
way way back many centuriesnarrator/brothers/jacob
seven years of bumper cropsjoseph
opening 5 lyricssongcharacter who sings song
oh no not he howjudah(brothers)
there i was standing inbutler
pharaoh said [answer(3 words)]pharaoh
so back in canaan thebrothers
[answer] had very few caresnarrator/[answer]
i closed my eyes drewjoseph
[answer (3 words)] to mejoseph
pharaoh he was a powerfulnarator
well i was wandering along pharaoh
some folks dream of thenarrator
josephs coat annoyed his brothersnarrator/brothers/joseph
guess what in his bednarator/butler/pharaoh

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