You Can't Handle The Truth! Speech

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Kaffee: I want
Jessup: You can't
Son, we live
that has
And those
by men
You? You,
I have a
than you could
and you
You have
You have the
of not
And my existence while
to you
You don't
because deep down, at places
You want__________, you need _________ (same phrase)
Leading lineNext line
We use words like (Word 1)
(Word 2)
(Word 3)
We use these words as the
to a life spent
You use them as a
I have neither the
to explain myself to a man who
under the
of the
and then
in which
I'd rather you
and went
Otherwise, I suggest you
Either way
what you
Kaffee: Did you order the
Jessup: I did
Kaffee: Did you order the

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