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What actor suffers the movies first casualty?
What college did MacGruber play football at?
What football position did MacGruber play?
What is MacGrubers last name?
What is MacGrubers wife's name?
What has changed?
What has remained the same?
What kind of car does MacGruber drive?
What type of car stero does MacGruber have?
What does Pipers **** stink like?
Name one of the wrestlers in MacGruber?
What does MacGruber want to use as lube?
What type of jokes does MacGruber like to Make?
What does MacGruber do when arrives at 'Cunths' house?
What is the license plate numer that MacGruber obsseses over?
How old was Hoss Bender when he died?
What does MacGruber not play like?
How does Homie not play like?
What does MacGruber do three times for a turkey?
What does MacGruber like?
Where does MacGruber have sex with his dead wife?
What does MacGruber use to distract the bad guys?
How many wire guy is Macgruber?
What does MacGruber never use?
What instruement does MacGruber play at the end of the credits?

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