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'It's blood from a cat's face'Julian Barratt
'Hellllloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Hello'Rich Fulcher
'Oh Look it's the shiny Charletons'-
'I said, GOOD DAY SIR!'-
'That's my Talkbox, it's got all my words on it!'Rich Fulcher
'Stop! Stop! I am too old. You and your wife must go without me.'Rich Fulcher
' Don't kill me, I've got so much to give! 'Julian Barratt
'Wow! This is sheer liquid wonderment! 'Rich Fulcher
''I might transform myself into a mighty hawk. Either that, or work in Dixons - I haven't decided.'-
'Yorkshire? What is Yorkshire?' Noel Fielding
QuoteCharacterPlayed by
'Are the Black bits in Bananas Tarantula Eggs?'Noel Fielding
'I've got a bad feeling about this'-
'Look at them Shine'Julian Barratt
'In the futchar, we have tinfoil erectarn'Noel Fielding
'Horses, I'm good on Horses'Noel Fielding
'You're all Rigid, Like a bread stick'Noel Fielding
'You Know nothing of the Crunch!'-
'Ohh, the talky stick! Your voice was trapped in there this morning.'Rich Fulcher
'The Cockney cock punch'Noel Fielding
' I go by many names ' Julian Barratt

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