Chapter 1 Mapping Earth's Surface

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Connects points of equal elevation on a topographic map
Process by which mapmakers convert the location of map points to numbers
Distance in degrees north or south of the equator
A landform that has high elevation and a more or less level surface
A sphere that represents Earth's entire surface
The height above sea level of a point on Earth's surface
A landform made up of nearly flat or gently rolling land with low relief
The change in elevation from contour line to contour line
Darker and heavier line on a topographic map that is labeled with elevation
Any object, natural or manmade, that orbits Earth
A large area of land where the topography is made up of mainly one type of landform
One half of the sphere that makes up Earth's surface
The study of the shape of the land
Imaginary line that divides Earth into the Northern and Southern hemisphere
Closely spaced contour lines indicate _____ slopes.
Type of map that shows the surface features of an area
1/360 of the distance around a circle
Imaginary line that divides Earth into the Eastern and Western hemispheres
A flat model of all or part of Earth's surface as seen from above
The difference in elevation between the highest and lowest parts of an area
Distance in degrees east or west of the prime meridian

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