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Forced Order
Species in danger of becoming extinct in the near future
A species that influences the survival of many other species in an ecosystem
Occurs when a population grows at an ever-increasing rate
The mating of animals in zoos or in wildlife preserves
As the population increases, the demand for natural resources _____.
Type of natural resource that is not replaced in a useful time frame
The disappearance of all members of a species
True or false: Within an ecosystem, a large area will usually contain less species than a small area.
Anything that occurs naturally and is used by people
Type of natural resource that is either always available or is naturally replaced in a relatively short time
The contamination of Earth's land, water, or air
The illegal killing or removal of wildlife from their habitats
The practice of managing the use of resources wisely so the resources last longer
Species that could become endangered in the near future
The number of different species in an area

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