Year 4 Homophones

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Can you name the correct spelling of these homophones?

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DescriptionCorrect Spelling choice
Buzzing, black and yellow insect
A mammal, could be grizzly, polar, honey...
Another word for also (to/too/two)
A female sheep (yew/ewe/you)
I love there/their/they're new coats
I am going to/too the seaside tomorrow
The door is over there/they're/their
I want to go (threw/through) the tunnel
Past tense of throw
DescriptionCorrect Spelling choice
You use your eyes to....
You pick up a pen and _______ a story
There is a herd/heard of elephants
At the beach, you will find some water called the _____
were/where/we're are you going?
I herd/heard that you went on holiday!
If you shake your head, you are trying to say ___
were/where/we're going to the park!
were/where/we're you happy to come back to school yesterday?
I have a brand new/knew pair of shoes
I new/knew you were going to say that!

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