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Question and NumberOver or Under?Actual Number
Oldest Age of Pope at Election: 75
Oldest Age of Pope at Death: 95
French Popes: 50
Days of Official Mourning Period Following Death of a Pope: 14
Maximum number of Elector cardinals: 100
Number or Scrutineers (ballot-counters): 5
Italian Popes: 150
Popes who have not served until death (including Pope Benedict XVI): 15
African Popes: 1
Last Year a Pope Resigned: 1735
German Popes: 10
Longest Papal Conclave: 2 years, 2 months
Shortest Papal Conclave (Days): 3
Longest Tenure as Pope (Years): 28
Shortest Tenure of Pope (Days): 30
Greek Popes: 26

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