What Mean Girls Clique Should You Be In?

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At North Shore, where you sit in the cafeteria is CRUCIAL, because you got everybody there. What Mean Girls clique should you be in?

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What's your favorite after school activity?
Playing or listening to music
Going to the mall
Making fun of old acquaintances
Something illegal
What's your favorite color?
Whatever compliments my skin tone
How are your grades?
Eh, when I go to class they're alright
Straight A's
There's a 30% chance I'm going to graduate
School is hard, but I'm pulling B's
Miserable, like me
What's your role in your friend group?
Queen Bee
The motivated one
We're all on equal terms
The one with the hook up
The hot shot
The funny one
What's your favorite food?
Protein bars
Pizza and chips
Cheese fries
Don't talk about food around me
Fruit salad
When you want to look fetch, what's your outfit of choice?
My jersey
That depends on the day
An old concert tee
My polo and a pleated skirt
I don't want to stand out...jeans and a sweater?
Stop trying to make fetch happen!
What are your parents like?
I have a cool mom
We coexist and that's about it
Pushy but loving
They're rad!
They let me do my thing
It's Halloween, what's your costume?
A sailor or ballerina
I don't dress up, it's dumb
Football player
A Rastaman
Something scary, with a lot of fake blood
I'm a mouse. DUH. Or a bunny...
Favorite subject?
The one that I don't go to... oh, that's all of them
Creative Writing
I'm still figuring that out
You and your friend get in a fight, how do you react?
Burn Book her immediately
Beat her up
Give her some space then try to fix it later
I've already forgotten about it
Get into a yelling match and loathe her henceforth
We'll discuss it in a week or two
Find an odd 3 digit number whose digits add up to 12. The digits are all different, and the difference between the first 2 digits equals the difference between...
I haven't gotten that far in math yet
Dude, slow down
121, for sure
I think it's raining?
Merry Christmas! How many Candy Cane grams did you get?
4 for you, Glen Coco! You go Glen Coco!
Everyone sends me one, I can't count them all
None for you, bye.
My friend sent me one, but that's it
A fair amount, but not a ton
I just take them from other people
It's the talent show! What's your talent?
A sick rap, don't let the haters stop you
Spoken word poem
Bench press
Plan out an intricate skit with a few friends
It's pretty fetch, we have our dance down!
I don't bother

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