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Saugeen's opening year
Answer 1 divided by the # of elevators
Answer 2 minus Joshn McLinton's years behind Saugeen's front desk
Answer 3 plus the number of units
Answer 4 minus the # of floors
Answer 5 multiplied by the total number of rez managers plus programming staff
Answer 6 minus the number of PEOPLE living in Saugeen
Answer 7 divided by the (number of dons plus senior RAs)
Answer 8 divided by the number of years Saugeen has been open (as of 2010)
The number of residences that are better than Saugeen at UWO
The voice of the elevator's name:
Josh's middle name:
The colours of saugeen alphabetically (no comma)
The soph on 2 middle's name (real name)
The soph on 4 middle's name (real)
Answer 14+ Answer 15 =
Answer 16's country of birth
How many working camera's exist in Saugeen?
Answer 18 plus the number of letters in Juggles's last name
Answer 19 minus (1*15 - (14+1) + 3x5)

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